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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Katie's scrapbook

Katie's 2nd grade project- scrapbook, change over time

 Table of contents

 timeline- she chose 8 events in her life to feature

 If you lived with my family and a venn diagram of what is the same and different with her and when Grandpa was a kid

 Interview with grandpa

 Map of where we've (us, and where grandparents lived and grown up lived and key

 Mini interview with mom and Jill and family tree

 Katie family pics

 Timeline event 1: Katie's birth

 Timeline event 2: first gymnastics, gymnastics show, and now at tumble gym

  Timeline event: 1st Disney trip up to current trips

 Timeline event: 1st Move
Jill birth

 Timeline event: dance recitals

Timeline event- school- 1st day of preschool, preschool graduation and 1st day of K

Timeline event- 1st loose tooth

title page
 with grandpa at school scrapbook gallery

her presentation at school

part 2

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