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Friday, April 29, 2016

Skating, spring fling, boating and fishing

 Katie enjoying the sun roof wanting on Jill at school

 Love covering her ears... She said she was afraid because the fish's mouth was open

 driving the boat

 love the ponytail

 Nana helping bean fish

 fishing with tammy and mary

 ariel legos done

 cuddling with Judy hops from zootopia

 even in her sleep

 in the fire truck at primrose spring fling

 playing games

 face painted

dr suess sisters

 cake walk

 spray the teachers

 cat in the hat pose

 learning to ride bike without training wheels

 with jaylin

 her first fish

 having fun going fast


 tired girl

 holding the worm

Katie ice skating... They had performances today from camp at polar ice house

 super man

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